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maiaI’m a writer, a wife, mom, the employee you dread to manage. But in my heart, I’m a story-teller. As such, I tend to create dramas just so I’ll have something to share at dinner parties.

At 43, I can read the signs. I’m heading into a mid-life crisis.  I recognize all the signposts because I’ve been here before.

I had my first mid-life crisis at 23.

“That’s ridiculous,” my husband says (he’s reading over my shoulder)

“You can’t write that. It’s impossible to have anything midlife at 23.”

But I honestly believe my life expectancy at the time was 46 and it was only because I must have learned what I needed to learn during that crisis that I extended my life long enough to enjoy a second mid-life crisis at 30, which then extended my life so that I could enjoy another one today.

Hopefully I’m getting the hang of it now though and can manage to fix what’s broke without the same level of collateral damage these crisises caused in my 20’s and 30’s.

This time around I actually want to keep my kids and my husband. I may even want to keep a career… so that’s the great challenge, really:  How to listen to the voice inside that wants my inner life to match my outer one, without destroying either.

That’s the adventure I’m writing about now.  Thanks for reading and hopefully throwing in your two cents.

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