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This is a long video.  But it’s worth watching. The part that suggests real and excellent ways people who are concerned about the next four years can take action starts at 17:00.

I’m a US citizen (well Dual, actually), but I owe my education to the US and I have many people there who I love and respect.  So for their sake I’m going to translate my moaning and carrying on about how shocked and dismayed I am into actual action.  I hope you’ll join me.  Even my followers who live outside the US should be concerned enough to do something – because Trump’s anticipated policies will affect us all.

John Oliver suggests some great ways to make a real difference… He suggests donating to organizations that will help and advocate for groups that are sure to be under attack during the Trump administration.

Donate to Organizations like:
Planned Parenthood – if you’re concerned with reproductive rights
International Refugee Assistance Project –  for those who don’t believe in deporting people based on ethnicity
NRDC – for those who care about protecting environment
NWAC Legal Defence Fund – for those who care about racial justice
Trevor Project – to advocate for and protect LGBT Youth
Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund – because you know there’s going to be a wall … or at least a fence.

I’d also like you to join me in no longer getting news from Social Media. Today I will subscribe to the New York Times. Maybe even the Washington Post.  I’d love to hear about some reputable and excellent news blogs, if you care to share.

Thank you! And please pass along the word.

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